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New York

Community Partnerships

New York Use of Schoolhouse and Grounds - Schoolhouses and the grounds connected therewith and all property belonging to the district shall be in the custody and under the control and supervision of the trustees or board o ...

Facilities Funding

New York School Taxes and Bonds - A majority of the voters of any school district can vote on taxes they deem expedient for making additions, alterations, repairs or improvements, to the sites or buildings belongin ...

State Capital Spending on PK-12 School Facilities Report - New York.pdf - The 21st Century School Fund examined each U.S. State’s capital outlay from 2005-2008 for elementary and secondary public education facility construction and modernization. ...

Governance & Oversight

This is a Best model policy.

New York: School Building Approval - Sets requirements for approval of plans and specifications for school buildings, with varying protocols depending on size of school district. ...

Management & Operations

This is a Best model policy.

Leasing of School Property in New York - Section of state code that sets forth terms for the board of education or trustees of a school district to lease school property. (Leasing - 2008) ...

Stimulus Watch: School Facilities

New York Stabilization Funds Application - The US Department of Education approved New York application for initial funding under the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Program. ...

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