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POLICY (School Facilities for Community Use)

The State should develop legislation and/or policies that facilitate and encourage the sharing of school facilities for community use through appropriate policies, procedures, and financial incentives.

In order to demonstrate the stateís commitment to schools as centers of community, a few states have enacted legislation that encourages, supports, and/or authorizes school districts to take the necessary actions or enter into agreements at the local level. State and local laws enabling and supporting joint use of school facilities allow school districts to partner with organizations to serve the needs of the community. At a minimum, such community schools legislation should include the following elements: (a) the duties and responsibilities of the state board of education and the local boards of education; (b) the authority for jurisdictions to establish community schools advisory councils; (c) the authority to employ and fund community schools coordinators; (d) joint powers clauses that permit governmental agencies to use their appropriated funds to work cooperatively with other agencies; (e) the authority to enter into agreements and to set fees and conditions; and (f) establish special funding and/or direct funding or incentives to support planning and implementation of co-location or joint use for community school facilities.

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