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POLICY (Energy Programs)

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provided PK-12 public school districts with various grant and bond opportunities for renewable and reduce energy projects related to school facilities:

Energy Efficiency Block Grants

Over $3.2 billion in grants were available for states, local governments and Indian Tribes for projects that improve energy efficiency and reduced energy use and fossil fuel emissions in their communities.

State Energy Program

ARRA funded $3.1 billion to states for clean energy programs and projects. One example how this program was utilized by states was through the Idaho State Energy Program; Idaho used $2.7 million in State Energy Program funds to launch a pilot project that utilizes solar power to reduce energy costs at public schools.

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds

The $3.2 billion bond program allowed schools to apply for a tax credit bond for capital expenditures that reduce energy consumption in public buildings by 20 percent.

Clean Renewable Energy Bonds

ARRA funded an additional $1.6 billion for this energy program. CREB's allows government owned facilities to apply for energy bonds to finance qualified renewable energy facilities projects.

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