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Research (Research on the Impact of School Facilities on Students and Teachers: A Summary of Studies Published Since 2000 )

There has been a slow but steady increase of research on the impact of public school facilities on educational achievement and community outcomes and of the rigor of the research. This summary of studies is part of a larger literature review conducted by the 21st Century School Fund with funding from the Charitable Trust of the Council on Educational Facility Planners International.

The review is designed as an update to the 2002 review “Do School Facilities Affect Academic Outcomes?” by Mark Schneider, originally commissioned by the 21st Century School Fund’s Building Educational Success Together collaborative and then expanded by Dr. Schneider and published by the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.

Recent research continues to point to a small but steadily positive relationship between the quality of a public school facility and a range of academic and community outcomes.

This study reviews the literature on:

•Facilities & academic outcomes

•School building systems

•School facility condition and community factors

This new review, available in September 2010 includes an extensive bibliography of research since 2002 and discusses the need for future school facility research.

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