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Research (Repair for Success: An Analysis of the Need and Possibilities for a Federal Investment in PK-12 School Maintenance and Repair (Published 2009))

This report describes how a new national commitment to address the deferred maintenance and renewal of our nationís PK-12 public school buildings will improve our education system, the economy and the environment. A $27 billion federal investment, just 10% of the minimum estimated total need, would take us a major step closer to ensuring that the nearly 55 million staff and students who attend school daily are in healthy, safe and educationally appropriate environments. This investment will also quickly create between 160,000 and 235,000 jobs that will protect our environment and sustain the public infrastructure investments made by earlier generations.

This analysis was utilized by the Economic Policy Institute in their ďAmerican Jobs PlanĒ study to address the U.S. jobs crisis.

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