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Research (Land Acquisition Practices of the Miami-Dade County School District. A Special Review)

This review, requested by the Florida Legislature, answers six questions about Miami-Dade County School District's land acquisition practices: (1) Does the district effectively identify its facility needs and plan for those needs? (2) Does the district acquire the land it needs? (3) Has the district adopted land acquisition processes needed to ensure that it acquires land at reasonable prices? (4) Does the district construct cost-effective facilities? (5) Can the need for construction be limited by more efficient use of existing facilities? (6) Can the district raise extra local revenue to support its construction program? The review's findings indicate that, while the district is generally effective in identifying its facility needs, it has not acquired the land it needed because it often did not use the five-year construction plan to guide its acquisitions, nor has it established procedures to help ensure it pays reasonable land prices. The findings conclude that the district is capable of raising adequate funds for new facilities and land without raising taxes or obtaining additional state funding.

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