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Research (K-12 School Construction Funding Formula Transparency Study)

This report was prepared in response to direction and a proviso issued by the Washington State 2008 Legislature to study the transparency and efficacy of the Stateís current School Construction Assistance Grant Program (SCAGP). The Legislature directed the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to undertake a K-12 school construction funding formula study to analyze aspects of the Stateís grant program, and to present options for formula and program improvements to the Joint Legislative Task Force on School Construction Funding. Specifically, the proviso called for OSPI to:

Convene a work group to develop methods and options for making the current school construction assistance grant program more transparent in terms of the formula components,assumptions, and expected funding sources for projects funded from the grant program.

(Chapter 328, Laws of 2008, Section 5008, K-12 Formula Methods Study

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