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The National Forum on Education Statistics (the Forum) released this guide on facilities information management for state and local education agencies. It is part of a collection of publications designed to promote good practices relating to the collection, maintenance, and use of education data. The work was supported by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). As the statistics agency for the U.S. Department of Education, NCES maintains a cooperative education statistics system with the states to improve the quality, comparability, and uniformity of elementary and secondary school data. The Forum members are states, school districts, and other institutions that are major providers or consumers of education data. The Forumís goal is to encourage cooperative data improvement at all levels of education governance.

As part of its ongoing effort to promote data-driven educational policy decision-making, the Forum formed

the Education Facilities Data Task Force. This Task Force met over a period of 3 years to identify and define the basic data elements related to public school facilities. It also identified a framework of indicators to answer important policy questions relating to the condition, design, utilization, management, and funding of school facilities. The Guide can contribute to the development of valid and comparable information on school facilities that will support the drafting of legislation, policy-making, research, and dissemination of information to government agencies, funding sources, and the general public. The principal contributing author of this publication was Mary Filardo, executive director of the 21st Century School Fund and facilitator of Building Educational Success Together (BEST).

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