A community of practice dedicated to sharing and developing knowledge to improve urban public school facilities and the communities they serve.


Public School Facility Policies

BEST has created a policy framework for public school facilities that supports their role in improving educational outcomes and helping revitalize communities.

- School & Community Planning

- Schools & Communities

- PK-12 Facilities Management

- PK-12 Facilities Funding

- Facilities & Educational Outcomes

The BEST community of practice has developed a policy rationale, objective, and model policies in each of these areas. If you have additional examples of state and local policies that are consistent with the model policy objectives and intent, we urge you to share them through this web portal.

Federal Policy

Public school facility planning, management and funding are almost exclusively state and local functions. There is little policy or funding for public school facility improvements from the federal government, and school building issues were noticeably absent in the No Child Left Behind law. BEST has proposals that incorporate public school facilities into federal policy, research and funding.

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BEST Model Policy Areas